Wednesday, May 10, 2017

May 10, 2017. Tentative Settlement Reached for $2.3 Million Dollars in Dontre Hamilton Shooting Case.

An article on the tentative settlement can be read here: Jovan Blacknell and Ian Wallach were Lead Trial Counsel.  Once the settlement is finalized, we will be able to comment.  For now, if this settlement is approved, then everyone benefits.  The community will have recognized a very real problem, and recognize the value of human life, and that officers serve the public, and that communities can, and should, exercise their First Amendment rights to demand accountability and equality.  And officers should be comforted as well, knowing that there is healing in the communities they serve.  If finalized, resolution is the product of a family that demanded justice, a system that recognized it was warranted, and a community that voiced their demands in a peaceful and effective manner.  

This will not bring Dontre Hamilton back.  But his legacy will live on and protect others.