Thursday, March 20, 2014

California Attorney General Calls For Changes In Cyber-Crime Law

Ian Wallach
Today Kamela Harris released a 181 page report calling for changes in cyber-crime laws.  A link is here.  She apparently calls for a modification to the instructions on money laundering (seeking to remove the prosecutor's need to show deliberate hiding of wrongful funds), of which I am skeptical -- people don't need to be investigators or officers as to the origin of funds.  If someone runs a mini-market near a corner where drugs are sold, could selling a soda and being paid in drug proceeds subject that store owner to prosecution?  A.G. Harris also calls for longer prison sentences -- and there is no added deterrent effect afforded by such prolonged sentences, and California's prisons are terribly overburdened now, largely due to unnecessarily prolonged sentences.

The biggest problem will be the state handling this multi-national issue.  We don't have the money to fund overseas investigations, and that should be a federal, not state, function.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Post-Prison Employment Opportunities Far Less Available For Black Men & Woman

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A study by the National Institute of Justice and the Arizona State University had disturbing findings about the post-prison employment prospects for Black Men and woman.  An article posted on the Crime Report states as follows:

For those seeking employment after incarceration, a prison record may not be the only factor making jobs hard to come by. An Arizona State University study finds that race and gender impact the already tough odds former inmates face when seeking employment.
In particular, black men and women who have been incarcerated are less likely to receive favorable responses to job applications than their white and Hispanic counterparts.
The three-year study involved the submission of more than 6,000 online applications for entry-level employments and in-person applications for dozens of jobs.
For both males and females, fewer than 8 percent of applications received favorable responses.
Approximately 40 percent of favorable responses among women were to white applicants, compared to about 34 percent for Hispanic applicants and about 27 percent for black applicants.
Among men, about 38 percent of favorable responses to Hispanic applicants, compared to 35 percent for white applicants and 27 percent for black applicants.
Researchers found that black men and women were also significantly less likely to receive callbacks from in-person interviews.
Read the full report here.

Los Angeles Assistant Public Defender Winston Peters Calls For Holistic Representation

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Winston Peters, Assistant Public Defender for the County of Los Angeles, recently wrote this piece in the Daily Journal calling for Public Defenders to use all resources available to incarcerated individuals in need of mental health services.  You can read his article here.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Welcome To Renovate Justice

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The purpose of this blog is to enhance the overdue discussion on the much-need reformation and renovation of our nation's criminal justice system.  We, in the land of the free, incarcerate a higher percentage of our population than any other nation.  We do so at great expense.  We do so when there is no connection to incarceration and rehabilitation, and prolonged incarceration only increases a chance of recidivism and destroys one's support network.  We live in one of the wealthiest, most modern nations in the world, yet we treat those accused or convicted of crimes in an inhumane fashion.  This forum welcomes commentary in the area of criminal justice reform.  If you have potential posting or comment, please email your thoughts to

3.14.14 Entry: Prophet Walker For California State Assembly

Prophet Walker is a former adjudicated-felon juvenile who, while incarcerated, developed a program for young offenders to complete college while inside.  He is running for state assembly and could use your support.  To see his story, watch this video.

To consider helping his campaign, visit

3.14.14 Entry: U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder Speaks Out On Criminal Justice Reform

U.S. Attorney Eric Holder discusses intentions to reform our criminal justice system -- let's hold him to his word.  Here is his interview with the L.A. Times.